Monday, September 22, 2008

CREATING LOGOS: COPYING - The easiest way to Masterr

If you look very closely at different Famous Logos your will find similarities in the design trend. Just as was listed on my last post.
My point is that you can actually pick up an existing logo and copy all the elements represented in the rules for a good logo design with infringing on trade mark violations or copyright.
I will try to demonstrate by using Logo of some graphic applications company Corel Corporations. The Application I will use to do this is CorelDRAW X4.

Even if you haven't Used CorelDRAW before, I will try and explain what every tool does and Just in case you are using a lower version of CorelDRAW for this exercise, there won't be much difference because this excersice is very elementary.

To get the corel logo, click below
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I came across this blog by chance, but I would really like to get to see the rest of this article... when are you going to finish it?